Chelsea Simpson

Experiential Career Coaching

+ Is there a pull or a push towards a big career move that’s exciting and also new, unsettling, or unclear?

+ Do you have the fortunate challenge of many skills and interests, so many it can feel unclear how and what to focus on?

And where your interests & skills and the world’s needs intersect?

+ In the trifecta of people, purpose, profit, are you unsure how to incorporate all three- or even if it’s possible?

+ Are you feeling sensitive to and activated by the state of the country and world, and are not sure of how to be part of solutions?

+ Do you sense in your gut it's just time to change your life, prosper and grow?

+ Do you feel the pull of leadership in this time?


I offer a unique style of experiential coaching, based on an experiential methodology designed by working with many different populations over the last 10 years.

We’ll take supported, scaffolded risks, designed together, to iterate towards embodiment of what’s important to you.

I’ve developed a range of tools, from tried & tested maps to creative art-based prompts, somatic/ body based to mindfulness-based tools, depending on what supports you in the moment.

Even if just to chat and explore, supporting emerging leaders is part of my mission in my lifetime. Please reach out if anything resonates.


Here’s a testimonial:

“Chelsea has taught me techniques that are applicable to my professional and personal life.

Additionally, beyond words or techniques, she is a master listener, helped me find answers through thought-provoking questions and encouraged me see strength in my own power.

I highly recommend Chelsea for her leadership coaching as she has a true gift that combines out-of-the-box and creative/innovative approaches to learning with a practical guide to applying those approaches.

I'm always excited for my sessions with Chelsea and I leave feeling ready to make change happen.

In a world where it's easy to see what's wrong or what needs to be fixed - Chelsea reminds us all what's right and the important puzzle piece we can each play in creating true change.”

Emily Gee, co-executive director, Grades of Green