Chelsea Simpson

Centre for Social Innovation

The Centre for Social Innovation creates community workspaces, incubates emerging enterprises, and invents new models and methods that are changing the world. We offer high-value real estate to maximize impact in the 10th biggest building in Manhattan, the Starrett-Lehigh building. CSI NYC supports over 200 social mission groups and are driving the creation of the new economy for a better world.

In my position as Community Animator, it was my role to:

- Act as the "voice" and "soul" of the community
- Act as internal coach for our 250+ organizations
- Direct culture and community building
- Design & execute experiential events for 200+ innovators
- Manage volunteer work exchange program, over 60 volunteers total
- Co-lead programming & strategic partnerships
- Co-founder of neighborhood initiative starting a paid internship program, the Chelsea Alliance [video below]
- Facilitate collaborations with companies & institutions such as Parsons University, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Martha Stewart Omnimedia & more